8 Amazing Ways How WhatsApp Clone Can Kick Start Your Business Startup

The field of instant messaging is not new, but WhatsApp definitely made his popular means of communication. Just five years after its launch, WhatsApp is an application messaging and chat most downloaded and used in the world and, not surprisingly, has been bought by Facebook for about $ 19 billion, one of the most expensive acquisitions of all time in hi-tech world

In general, the growth data of instant messaging services are impressive: it’s been predicts that in 2014 the volume of messages exchanged daily by these services (50 billion) will more than double of those sent as SMS (21 billion). 

The key to success of WhatsApp probably lies in being a social network to a restricted circle of contacts 'selected', i.e. those with whom he shared his cell phone number. It is a strong differentiator compared to other messaging applications are favored anonymity, allow the opening of its own network of strangers and even allow the exchange of photos that will self-destruct. 

Use WhatsApp Clone

This type of functionality seems to have become an industry in its own right -messaging maturity- as evidenced by the new realities emerging Snapchat and Slingshot (recently acquired by Facebook). 



For those unfamiliar yet WhatsApp say that it is an application that, in the presence of a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, allowing the chat and sending multimedia messages (voice, photos, and video) to having contacts in your phone book and which, in turn, have the app installed on their phone. 

The subscription cost is very low (0.89 € per year) and advertising is currently banned from the platform.

Here are some of the highlighted features in which a company, startup or a business can and should use WhatsApp clone script (similar to WhatsApp application) to promote their startup or Business.

Product versatility

Let's talk about an application of the most used in the world, easy to use, with the ability to share any type of content in an instant, photos, videos, documents, audio, links, whatever.

WhatsApp Clone

Global cost-free, indeed little

WhatsApp is an App that allows you to be in touch with anyone anywhere either, so there will be no problem if a customer were to live far from the place where the activity takes place, you can reach it anyway cost, indeed around 1 euro a year.



First customer database

Sure Spartan, based only on a few numbers, and other information, but with a good phone for each contact you can create a series of additional information that could be useful in the future, however, you can save numbers in the address book different groups so as to outline in a very spartan contacts.

Do you know your name

you can use WhatsApp for work also to exchange their reference data. 

A digital business card with all your company details and to download a brochure or show is an ideal way to do branding.

Customer Service with WhatsApp

Many companies use Twitter but not all people use it, while WhatsApp uses virtually anyone, and is very popular among the under 25. But let's talk about a very practical to use App that allows us to communicate with a client in instantly and privately, so they can respond immediately to his problem.

Communication with clients


and advertising Send reminders to buy it is against the terms of service accepted but you can convey to customers the information, service communications major.

Internal Communications

communicating with your staff using WhatsApp, now is full of workshops, family and friends, so why not communicate with employees using WhatsApp? 

Obviously it makes it better if you manage a team of people working physically places that are not your offices.

Groups of people

create groups of people will allow you to keep in touch with customers by keeping them updated about your activities, perhaps creating groups with the most loyal customers to inform him or offer him the cheap deals. With open source WhatsApp clone script, you can customize it according to your business needs. This is one way of doing marketing to promote a business or a SME that can bring real benefits.